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Care for your Corrymoor Camino socks

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"Since Corrymoor began making socks in 1991 the mohair fibres and ingredients of Corrymoor Socks haven't changed... but detergents and washing machines have."

  • Wool wash using the Wool Cycle at 40°C or less.
  • Use a gentle spin (most wool washes will incorporate this into the cycle anyway). It is not heat but agitation that can upset your Corrymoors.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • If possible, try to use a mild detergent which is formulated for natural fibres and is recommended for mohair, silk and wool (e.g. Woolite, Persil Silk & Wool).
  • Wash dark colours separately at first

A little bit of science

Mohair is a fibre made up of the protein keratin (like your own hair, silk, wool and other animal fibres). The scales of the mohair fibres are flattened and overlay each other giving a smooth surface (unlike wool). This gives mohair its silky soft handle and high lustre. It also gives your Corrymoor Socks their unique hard-wearing, anti-bacterial (no smell), wicking and non-felting properties. 

Mohair has a much greater resistance to shrinking and felting than other natural fibres, but it finds it hard to resist the action of the protease enzymes found in many of the "low temperature" detergents. Sadly, the enzymes can't tell the difference between dirt and the protein fibres of the mohair. Over a long period of time, this can result in a weakening of the mohair in your beloved Corrymoors.

Having said that...

Corrymoors are very tough and forgiving and are dyed in water which reaches boiling point, this is then followed by rinsing AND spinning AND tumble drying. 


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