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Adventurer Forest Green

Adventurer Forest Green

229,00 kr

Corrymoor Adventurer

The cosy terry-looped Adventurer is calf length with an elastic-free welt which holds the leg without a tight grip. Ideal for people who have poor circulation, Reynaud’s syndrome and diabetes.

It gives comfort, protection and extreme durability. Perfect for walking, climbing, gardening or comfort wear about the house. They are for the adventurous as well as for the relaxed!

What is Terry-Loop?
When the socks are knitted, the threads are pulled by terry jacks to form a loop between every stitch, like the surface of a towel giving them a cushiony feel and air pockets that create insulation.

Moisture is wicked by these loops, and the collection surface area increases dramatically, just the way a towel works. As with all our mohair socks, the wicked moisture will be wicked out of the inner to dissipate on the outer.

Corrymoor Adventurer is for women and men, have an elastic-free top and terry-loop stitching right round the foot and up the leg. They are hard wearing and will last for ages. Resilient and will keep their shape after many days of wear. Odour resistant (smooth mohair fibres have nowhere for smelly foot bacteria to lurk). Can be machine washed at 40⁰c (see washing instructions).

Fibre Content: 68% Mohair, 32% JAS Nylon

Why add nylon? Mohair itself has relatively little elasticity and so we add nylon to give extra stretch. The nylon does not detract from the beneficial effects of the mohair.