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Camino Black

Camino Black

229,00 kr

Corrymoor Camino

The Camino is a calf length sock with a cushioned sole, reinforced heel and ribbed leg. The sock is designed for comfort and protection along with extreme durability.

The Camino is perfect for walking, hiking, climbing, farming, and gardening. Ideal for industrial and heavy everyday use in wellingtons, hiking boots and shoes.

If you are on your feet all day, then you need a Camino!

For men, woman and children. Have a cushioned sole, ribbed leg and lightly elasticated welt. Extremely hard wearing and will last for ages. Resilient and will keep their shape after many months of wear! Odour resistant (smooth mohair fibres have nowhere for smelly foot bacteria to lurk). Can be machine washed at 40⁰c (see washing instructions).

Fibre Content: 68% Mohair, 32% JAS Nylon

Why add nylon? Mohair itself has relatively little elasticity and so we add nylon to give extra stretch. The nylon does not detract from the beneficial effects of the mohair.