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Frequently Asked Questions

Why sometimes do small balls of fluff gather inside the socks?

This happens more often with the socks which have a looped stitch in the foot. Its nothing to worry about - the socks aren’t falling apart - just peel off the fluff (and put it out for the birds to use to make their nests).

Why don't they smell?

The fibres of sheep’s wool have scales on them but mohair fibres are smooth and so there is nowhere for foot bacteria to hide: no bacteria = no smell.

I am allergic to wool - can I wear your socks?

Being a hair, you could argue that it is more natural to wear moHAIR than wool from sheep. We have lots of customers with sensitive skins who wear our socks without trouble (but everyone is different!) You might like to try the natural coloured socks which are neither bleached nor dyed.

I used to have a mohair sweater which was very itchy; why don’t your socks itch?

Anything fluffy is liable to tickle and many mohair sweaters used to be made from poor quality mohair which had short, prickly kemp fibres. Corrymoor Socks are made from kemp free fleeces which are specially spun to form smooth yarn which neither tickles nor itches.

Why do you add nylon to the mohair?

Mohair has lots of strength and resistance to abrasion but not much elasticity - so we add a special sort of nylon which augments the mohair but doesn’t detract from its benefits.


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