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Luxury Mohair Hiking Socks

for all walks of life

Luxury Mohair Hiking Socks

for all walks of life

Corrymoor Camino - Good to go

Mohair is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, with smooth fibres to prevent blisters and wick sweat.

Unlike sheep’s wool, mohair fibres are smooth and silky which means they don’t trap the bacteria that cause smells.

Because Corrymoor Camino’s are so hardwearing, you can wear them day after day without the need for washing them.

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Game Changer

You can wear your Corrymoor Camino hiking socks all day, hang them up to air, and they're like new the next morning. Now, thanks to byoms Copenhagen, you can do the same with your hiking clothes, boots and kit.

A new organic and sustainable concept, developed and produced in Denmark, is perfect for the casual hiker or on a month long Camino. 

Containing natural plant-based probiotic bacteria, these ’good’ bacteria work to eliminate the root causes of smells, rather than just masking with polluting chemicals.

Simply spray the clothes you were wearing on your walk and you can wear them again the next day. 

An essential addition to your rucksack and it doesn't harm the environment.

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